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Why choose a crisis simulation training program?

Crises are an integral part of the lifecycle of every company, institution or individual, so the question is not whether a crisis will happen, but when it will happen and if you will be ready for it.

How is the sense of a real situation created in the simulation?

The simulation scenario is very detailed, and the platform that creates the crisis and where the crisis is solved has a communication interface very similar to real ones. Thus, the platform offers a simulation of the web, emails, social media, and other communication channels we use to communicate in the real world.

How is a crisis scenario created?

In addition to the basic plot (crisis situation), detailed crisis scenarios have several side events that may or may not be relevant for the real problem, which pertain to a real crisis situation. The scenario has detailed stakeholders, such as the media, NGOs, competitors, partners, shareholders, and employees. All these segments, along with a myriad of additional details, make the crisis experience appear real.

How long does the training preparation take?

The time required to prepare the simulation mostly depends on the scenario and the engagement of the client at this stage. The simulation and the scenario are customized to accommodate the client’s need to the extent necessary.

How long does the training program last?

The simulation lasts about four hours and is done in one day.

What crises can be created?

In this simulation, the focus is on crisis resolution in terms of communication, reputation management, and managing internal audiences. There are two scenarios – one on the topic of disinformation, and one on the topic of a cyber attack. Of course, the client may request a customized scenario on a topic that is important to them. In that case, training preparation takes three to six months.

Can Crisis Simulation be part of a team-building program?

Yes. One only needs to set aside enough time and ensure adequate conditions for the simulation to take place.

In what language is the training program conducted?

The training program can be conducted in Croatian and English.

How many people can participate in one training session?

The training program is organized for a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 participants.

In case more than six people participate, the participants are divided into teams. One team cannot consist of more than six people.